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What are you excited about? —by Anonymous

The festival season, getting over this workpile, seeing my girlfriend.

What are you thinking about? —by Anonymous

The copious amounts of work I have to do in such a small time frame and the procrastinational life I lead that makes it 100% worse.

Yeah he is naturally like that, he just doesn't know how much it hurts. —by Anonymous

It shouldn’t hurt you though, because at the end of the day he’s with you. Not anyone else. The minute he starts cheating, it’s a different story.

All my boyfriend does is talk to other girls, I know he'd never cheat it's just so upsetting because I know he flirts with them all. Makes me feel second best. —by Anonymous

You’re not second best, if you were second best then he’d be with one of them girls instead of you. You should be the first person on his mind regardless of who else he talks too. Lot’s of people are naturally flirtatious, I often do it without even meaning to, it’s just one of those things. Anyway he’s with you and that’s because you’re the one he wants, not anyone else.

Whenever I eat a banana on the way to work, people look at me really weird.. I think it's cause I eat it like I'm deep throating it. —by Anonymous

Pahaha! Brilliant. I would advise, stop eating it like you’re deep throating, take some smaller bites xD.

I was recently diagnosed with cancer, obviously this is a serious thing, but I cant seem to get the courage to tell my husband, i'm afraid that he will leave me and the kids alone and I wont be able to cope, I feel like i'm battling this alone and theres really nobody that can help me, what do you suggest? —by Anonymous

Fuck. This is terrible. You need to tell him and get the support you need! If he’s a decent bloke then there’s no chance he will leave you. You’re never fighting such a serious illness alone, there are always support groups and various nursing help at hand, never forget you can lean on those. They are there for the sole purpose of helping people in your position. I wish you the best with everything! 

I feel like my boyfriend hates me, he constantly lets me down to go play xbox with his friends and when were in public he's really mean, or just ignores me, I hate it. BUT when we're at home alone together, he's the most amazing person.. I really don't get it. I've tried talking to him about it over and over and he just wont listen to me :/ —by Anonymous

Agh, this sounds terrible. I think the best thing is to just cut your losses.. I mean there’s no sound reason for anyone to ever be treated like that. He shouldn’t act out like that, maybe he’s embarrassed, or thinks that it’s funny. How does he react when you talk to him about it? Aggressively? Or perhaps with promises of change?


The main fundamental of this blog, is actually receiving questions to answer. We started out really well but it seems to have filtered out, to a point where we’re only getting a few questions a day. Help us by suggesting to friends etc! 

Thank you.


So you're saying love is the same between you and a friend and you and a girl/boyfriend? —by Anonymous

No. You never know if you’re in love or you just love someone. You take the leap and see where it takes you. 

Sorry for quick reply, I saw it on my dashboard but I meant in a girlfriend/boyfriend way.. How do you know if you love them or in love with them? —by Anonymous

I don’t think there’s much difference when it comes too boyfriends and girlfriends, you either love them, or you don’t! :)

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